SnapWidget Insert a gallery with your photos Instagram on your website.

SnapWidget Insert a gallery with your photos Instagram on your website.

Again we are surprised the Instagram phenomenon with the appearance of SnapWidget, a web platform that lets you insert a gallery of your photos Instagram on your website or blog.

After meeting the creation of buttons or badges Instagram to promote user profiles on the web, now with the appearance of SnapWidget you can combine your button Instagram with a gallery of your photos Instagram in widget format definitely a much more attractive to get more followers on your profile combination.

Seeing the great impact it is having Instagram hack in the fields of social media, online marketing and branding, it is increasingly important to use all these free tools to promote our brand on Instagram and also attract users from the web, and is after seeing the conflict of Instagram to Twitter, you never know until when we will be able to use tools as useful as SnapWidget gallery.

How do I put a photo gallery of Instagram on my blog with SnapWidget?

The idea is pretty simple, once we fill the data on the website of SnapWidget, this generates us the HTML code of an iframe with the widget that will handle display the photo gallery of our profile Instagram and best of all, totally free.

If you’re not too loose with the issue of HTML, do not worry because we’ll explain in a very easy as inserting your gallery Instagram on your blog using the code SnapWidget.

  1. Enter the website of SnapWidget and click on the blue button “Get your free widget”. You can enter by clicking here.
  2. Now fill the fields blank and configure the appearance of your widget.
    i) Username. Enter the user name you want to display photos.
    ii) Hashtag. Write a word related to the theme of the photos you want to display in your gallery (use this if you left the previous blank).
    iii)Widget Type. Choose one of the 3 types of widget available; grid (grid), slide (slideshow) or map (if you have geotagged photos)
    iv) Thumbnail Size. Indicates the pixel size of the photos to display in the gallery.
    v) Layout (only available for Grid widget). Distribution grid, indicated in columns x number of rows.
    vi) Photo Border. Add a border to each thumbnail of your photos.
    vii) Background Color. Background color of the gallery.
    viii) Photo Padding. Pixel space between each photo.
    ix) Hover Effect. Add effects when you pass the mouse cursor over the photos.
  3. Click on the blue button “Get code” and copy the code that appears. Before copying you can click “Preview” to view how your widget.
  4. Now go to your website and paste the code which best fits the gallery, for example, the footer or sidebar. If you use WordPress, you can paste the code into a text widget.

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If you liked this widget, you can hire the paid version that SnapWidget offered for $ 7 a month. As you would expect this version is much more complete and configurable, as well as being free of advertising.

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