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Matching Clothes and Watches

Matching Clothes and Watches

best dress watchesFinding the most suitable adornment to go with your clothing is a skill that can be acquired by following a few effective shopping tips every chance you get. However, while accessories could mean a lot of things for women—from a Swarovski crystals-studded hairpin to the least visible toe ring—the word is less complicated for men. In fact, it refers to one particular product category: watches. In pairing these items with a man’s clothes, factors such as personal taste, constitution, and style come into play.

The Dressy Gentleman

Gold or silver bands help one create a classier appearance when attending coat-and-tie events. Prestigious brands such as Rado, Patek Philippe, Omega, Oris, TAG Heuer, and Rolex most of which can be found within the best watches under 500 price tag have a line specially designed to complement formal attires. Some of these works of art could even be considered jewelry in their own right. But regardless of the value of these classic pieces, what matters most is that they are in excellent working condition. After all, what good is a nice-looking device if it cannot tell time in the first place, right?

The Casual Bloke

A leather strap will go well with any informal wear, such as an ensemble consisting of a T-shirt, a pair of jeans, and loafers. While neither dressy nor sporty, the entire look is nonetheless stylish. Whether the device is digital or analogue, it does not matter. What is important is it satisfies your need and it reflects your personality or your mood at the moment.

The Sporty Guy

Although a timepiece that can keep up with your active lifestyle is important, a little fashion sense would not hurt as well. Thus, aside from choosing the digital and waterproof varieties that are durable enough to withstand wear and tear, pick something that would match the colours of your sweats, athletic tops, and shorts.

The I-Keep-Things-Simple Fellow

If you are not comfortable with the idea of mixing and matching your clothes with several wristwatches and would like to save yourself from all the trouble of doing so, you can find something that will suit any outfit in your closet. Usually, those in dark colours blend just fine with any apparel, whatever the occasion may be.

No matter the type of clothing and timepieces you wear, the trick to looking great is simply to determine which goes well with what. If you believe you do not fit into any of the profiles above, discover your own style by experimenting with an array of designs from different brands. If yours are a bit old and worn out, you can make use of the helpful pointers listed here. Take the first step by browsing this website for a variety of products to choose from.

Working covet fashion hack tool for android

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